• We believe in always doing the right thing.
  • We believe in truth.
  • We believe in versatility.
  • We believe in character.
  • We believe in hard work and results.
  • We believe in giving back.
  • We believe in teamwork and transparency.
  • We believe in diversity of perspective and equity and inclusion.
  • We believe in the power of exceptional communication.
  • We believe in having fun.


12A Consulting is a full-service communications, government relations and public affairs consulting firm.

All organizations require communication strategies that are versatile, responsive, speedy and focused on humanity, while also tuned in to real-time events, themes and tones.

12A helps organizations of all sizes achieve positive outcomes with some of their most complex communication and business challenges. 12A embraces a multi-stakeholder and multi-channel approach to ensure that important messages are well contemplated, artfully crafted and effectively delivered.

12A operates with a values-, humanity- and ethics-centered leadership style and is relentless in protecting and strengthening the reputation and brand of the organizations it represents. 12A is also passionate about delivering measurable communications results, while treating its clients like partners – and having fun in the process.


Dreams can be born anywhere and everywhere.

12A Consulting was imagined in New York City, specifically in apartment 12A in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan.

The essence of 12A originates from the sophistication and vibrancy of New York City combined with the confidence and experience that is gained when operating in the world’s financial center.

12A provides Wall Street experience combined with a Main Street ethos.

12A represents: Experience. Vision. Versatility. Confidence. Approachability. Results.


In a rapidly changing world, effective, relevant and clear communication with all stakeholders has never been more important.

12A Consulting is a relationship-oriented, team-focused, results-driven firm that demands value-creation for its clients’ employees, customers, communities, shareholders and other stakeholders, by providing exceptional communications, government relations and public affairs strategy, support and solutions.

Everything you think you need from a large communications firm.