Business Capabilities

12A Consulting is a full-service communications, government relations and public affairs consulting firm.

Issues & Reputation Management

A strong reputation is any company’s most valuable and delicate asset. Strengthening and protecting that asset is 12A’s highest priority and central capability.

12A can help your company:

  • Create an Issues Management Playbook so that you are prepared to successfully and proactively manage any reputation issue – everything from a cyber-security incident to high-profile litigation, legislative or regulatory events to grassroots activism.
  • Create a comprehensive strategy to fortify and enhance the trustworthiness of your company’s reputation.
  • Handle the inevitable unexpected issues. 12A has the experience and poise to help you manage fast-moving, unpredictable issues reactively and effectively.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your reputation strategies.


Media Relations & Social Media

Working with the media is more challenging and fast-paced than ever – both proactive and reactive interactions. It’s a 24-minute news cycle these days, not a 24-hour news cycle.

12A can help your company:

  • Create a clear, crisp and concise message platform for your media engagements.
  • Create a proactive media relations strategy that supports topline growth and value creation for the entire enterprise.
  • Make sure your social media strategy maximizes your message delivery with your key internal and external stakeholders.


CEO Communications

A CEO’s executive profile – with internal and external stakeholders – is critical and foundational for your company’s overall reputation. 12A has more than 25 years of experience working directly with FORTUNE 500 CEOs and other members of the C-Suite.

12A can help your company:

  • Create a thought-leadership and message platform for the CEO that fits their vision and passions.
  • Design a message platform that inspires and engages employees and also resonates with customers, communities, shareholders, elected officials and more.
  • Create a roadmap to ensure consistency and clarity of messaging to all stakeholders, including important and influential stakeholders in the Beltway.


Public Company & Disclosure Communications

If you happen to be a public company, you understand the importance of accurate and effective disclosure to ensure maximum value creation for shareholders and the investment community.

12A can help your company:

  • Design and write your Annual Report.
  • Crystalize your presentation and message for investment community events, like Investor Days, Earnings Reports or Investor Conferences.
  • Navigate delicate proxy issues, such as executive compensation, CEO Pay Ratio disclosures and other emerging risks requiring disclosure.


Employee Communications & Change Management

The world is changing faster than ever before – especially for your employees. Your workforce expects, if not demands, regular communication from the top-of-the-house that is values- and humanity-focused.

12A can help your company:

  • Create employee communications and change management programs that reinforce and strengthen your company’s culture.
  • Create deeper employee engagement and employee retention through a comprehensive employee communications program that aligns the workforce to the company’s business strategy, community strategy and core values.
  • Think through complex employee relations issues such as compensation and benefits, the company’s employee value proposition, expense / headcount reductions and talent development and transition.


Customer Communications

The customer experience is being transformed across all industries. Clear, concise and precise communications is essential to retaining and attracting customers in the digital age. Factor in customers’ expectations for corporate social responsibility – and communication with customers has never been more complex.

12A can help your company:

  • Create a values-based message platform for your customers.
  • Navigate delicate, yet important, social justice and community issues and integrate social and values messaging with business strategy.